Who uses a wacom or bamboo tablet for editing or Smudges?

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Re: Who uses a wacom or bamboo tablet for editing or Smudges?

BoosAngel wrote:

I have been considering buying tablet and was just wondering how many that was doing editing was using eithrer one?


Not too long ago I bought a Wacom Intuos 4 small.  I save a good amount of money not buying the Intuos 5, I really didn't need any of the extra features and many people are doing amazing work with even older versions so the 4 is fine.

It took a while to get used to but there is no going back for any kind of retouching and I do prefer the small.  Not only that but I only map a small portion of the tablet as well to cover my entire monitor.  If you're not a graphic artist you really want to keep the hand movements to a minimum and not be forced to move your entire arm for a brush stroke..should be like drawing with a pencil on a small notepad.

I also recommend one of the covers for the surface on Ebay.  It will save you from wearing out your pen-tips and make the actual movements a bit smoother.  There are small Intuos 4s out there for just over $100; the 5 is about twice as much from what I've seen.

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