Differences between Dell U2410, U2412m and U2413?

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Roy Sletcher
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Re: Differences between Dell U2410, U2412m and U2413?

katterina wrote:

I am looking for a monitor with the price range of £200-400. These three monitors seem to keep popping up in searches as a reasonable priced option for a monitor that will last at least a couple of years.

The Asus screens of similar quality seem to have much trouble with back light bleeds.

The U2410 seems to have a wide gamut an sRGB and has been very popular but I have seen negative reviews on the AG coating and also the brightness even at lowest setting. It does seem to be highly regarded though and retails at about £350.

The U2412m seems to have been stripped back a bit and features 95% sRGB, and less wide gamut, no HDMI and I have seen it regarded as more of a consumer model rather that for editing. But still seems very popular £209. AG again seems to be an issue. Plus its 6 bit.

The U2413 is the more expensive at £379 but seems to have better colour space etc and 10 bit. I have seen negative comments regarding the fact it only supports xrite-pro1 calibration, but actually I have one of these. Ghosting and AG seems to be a big issue and have seen some comments about contrast. I do play some games occasionally and I realize it is not a gaming monitor, and the other half will need to be able to do spreedsheets etc for work. The primary point of this monitor purchase is photo-editing.

Is the coating on the U2413 slightly better than the U2412m or 2410? Posts seem to indicate it is more aggressive on the U2410.

At the moment I am leaning towards either the U2410 or the U2413, but am unsure of what would be the best. I assume you can set a profile on the wider gamut for sRGB when doing normal stuff like browsing the internet so that the colour's are not washed out?

Many thanks

Hi Katterina,

I have had the U2413 for about a month now and am happy with it. I am not a techy geek so cannot comment on some of the technical controversies, and there are a few.

I use it mainly for photo editing and evaluating images for inkjet outputs that exceed the sRGB gamut. It significantly simplifies this task for me, although I could get by without the wide gamut if necessary. For me it was an issue of cost versus the value to me of the additional features. For my uses I consider it a good deal, and I am happy with the product.

For the record there are quite a few complaints about Dell's QA on this product, some even in this forum. I am probably lucky mine seemed OK out of the box. So far ...

To answer one of your questions the `On Screen Display` - Dell`s fancy words for menu. You can toggle between AdobeRGB and sRGB plus two other options you can calibrate to your requirements but only with the XRite I1 Display Pro if you want the reputed 10 but LUT. I also use it for MS Word and spreadsheets occasional youtube video, and they all display just fine.

In addition, it has been my experience that Dell is somewhat flexible when marketing this product, at least in Canada. They are also less than transparent, and frequently duplicitous in their advertising.

If you have the stomach for it, I would advise calling them on the phone and trying to negotiate up to 10% off the price. They frequently run adverts in Canada advertising up to 15% of the posted retail price. YMMV.

Willing to answer your questions, but not a techy guy, so mainly personal opinions.

Roy Sletcher

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