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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

Jim Cockfield wrote:

raymb wrote:

Not withstanding the much maligned metro interface on Win8, which can be replaced with third

party software. Are there any benefits in Win8 as an operating system that would make the switch worthwhile?

Not really.

Most performance tests show that the difference in speed between Windows 7 and Window is negligible (and IMO, is more likely to be due to newer drivers in Win 8 , versus OS improvements).

Windows 8 does have faster shutdown and startup speed. So, if you're using a laptop or happen to be shutting down and starting up your desktop frequently, that could be perceived as a benefit.

But,the faster shutdown and startup speed is mostly "smoke and mirrors", as Windows 8 is using something similar to the hibernate feature in Windows 7 to get the fast shutdown/startup speeds.

Personally, I'd make sure to disable that feature if using Windows 8 anyway, as if you're using any kind of dual boot config with another operating system, using "fast startup" with Windows 8 could potentially cause file system corruption. Here's a post on the subject:

Here's another article on the subject;

Now, I wouldn't go out of my way to use Windows 7 versus Windows 8 if buying a new machine and you don't have much choice, as there are some "work arounds" that let Windows 8 look and feel more like Windows 7. For example, here's one of the free solutions you can use:

Classic Shell for Windows:

Article about it:

But, I would make sure to disable "fast boot" if you're using any kind of dual boot config to reduce the potential for file corruption, since by default, Windows 8 doesn't"really" perform a full shutdown and reload.

Again, the performance increase you get using Windows 8 is mostly "smoke and mirrors". So, unless you're using a laptop, or using another system system that's rebooted often, I would *not* consider Windows 8 to replace Windows 7.

Now, if you happen to find a good deal on a new machine with Windows 8 installed, I wouldn't avoid it if you can't find the same system with Win 7 installed.

But, if buying a machine with Win 8, I'd personally make sure to disable fast boot and use utilities like the free Classic Shell to make it work more like Windows 7, as IMO, Windows 8 is very bad in comparison for Desktop use without the use of third party utilities like Classic Shell.

Win 7 = pretty good desktop OS

Win 8 = very bad desktop OS, especially from a User Interface perspective (but, with third party utilities, you can make it work more like Windows 7)

I read that Win 8 is built on the Win 7 kernel so it should be roughly as fast, other than outside influences like new drivers or the 'smoke and mirrors' quick startup / shutdown aspects.

Windows 7 PC's still ARE available and if your vendor or store of normal choice says they don't have any, BUY ELSEWHERE and get Win 7. Leave the easily amused to play with their hybrid OS nightmare.

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