Highest recommended ISO using the D800

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clients simple dont care

Last weekend I shot a wedding with the D800 and 70-200VRII lens.  I notice a lot of noise in the files using ISO3200.  I was shooting at f2.8.  Any suggestions?


David Miller

The key is to stop looking at the files at 100% on a large monitor and especially dont compare to 12mp unless you have downsized first. Not saying you actually do this but it os a good point to make.

With these caveats, remember that the client rarely gives a toss whether we use 6400 even if it is grainy as hell. All they look at in wedding images is do they look nice and what is their expression like at that point in time. Honestly, people connect with images that mean something to them, and in reality grain is last thing they care about. I would not hesitate to use 6400 at a wedding and i do. With nr and not printing to massive sizes it turns out fine. The resolution helps the files hold up well to nr. Photographers waste to much time worrying about it.
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