Nikon added a BUG in it's latest FT-1 Firmware !

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JP Scherrer
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Nikon added a BUG in it's latest FT-1 Firmware !

Here's the transcription of the chat just had with someone at Nikon UK Support !

Fergus: Hi, my name is Fergus. How may I help you?
JPS: Hello ! I'm actually in the Nordeste of Brazil until October, without possibility to find a Nikon Stechnician and I have been extensively using a Tamron SP70-300 on the V1 until..... I installed the new FT-1 firmware ! Since then, the camera refuses to recognize the Tamron, although the other Nion FX lenses work allright !
Fergus: If your V1 is recognising your Nikon lenses it would indicate no issue with the camera.
JPS: The camera itself HAD no issue with the Tamron UNTIL I installed the new firmware !!!
JPS: I get an error message everytime I try to connect the Tamron !
Fergus: Unfortunately we do no test third party lenses so I can not offer any help regarding your Tamron lens.
JPS: IMO it's a problem with the FIRMWARE !
JPS: Are you joking ??? I said that the Tamron WORKED perfectly well BEFORE I installed this new firmware, HENCE there's a bug in the firmware !
Fergus: There is no problem with the firmware and we have had no other reports of any issues.
JPS: I don't ming going back to the previous FT-1 firmware !!! I used the Tamron for 6 months without ANY problem... How can I REVERT ???
JPS: I'm TELLING YOU that THERE IS a problem ! The facts are there !!! The camera worked 100% BEFORE I installed the firmware, and doesn't work anymore now !
Fergus: It is not possible to revert back to the original firmware. I will send your reported issue to our development team on your behalf but we can only test our cameras with our own lenses.
JPS: So..... what can I do ? Put the Nikon V1 in the dustbin ?
Fergus: You can send it to us when you get the opportunity and we can test it for you.
JPS: Send the V1 PLUS the Tamron, you mean ?
Fergus: No just the V1, we do not test third party equipment.
Fergus: We only test our cameras with our equipment.
JPS: Thank you Nikon !!! The after-sales services are worce and worce...... OK... Please send my issue to the development team ! You have my email, right ?
Fergus: I have your email address. I am sorry that you are upset that we do not test other companies equipment for your needs but this is our policy.
Fergus: Is there anything else I can help you with?
JPS: I guess the "development team" are the ones that have created the new firmware ?!? So they should be capable to find out WHAT the done that might block the use of -another party- lens which worked well before... we'll see !
JPS: OK... I have printed our conversation and your "helpful" answers ! I'm afraid that will go the the Web and contribute to Nikon after-sale reputation...
Fergus: If there is anything else I can help you with, please feel free to contact us again. Thank you for your chat with Nikon Support.
Fergus has disconnected.

...Nice to feel helped that way, isn't it ? I DO NOT want help on a "third party" equipment, I want help on a BUG in the latest firmware !!!

What can I do ? I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere -almost- and I won't be able to use my camera the way I used it for months, only because some stupid useless "tech" has introduced some bad datas in a program ?!?!?

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