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Jono Slack
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Re: Market established

Toccata47 wrote:

Okay, now we have the market for the vario. People that are unfamiliar with digital camera developments made in the last 9 years, skills borne in the film age and no experience with the internet. Well, let's hope the camera has excellent image stabilization because tremors and spasticity are exceedingly common within this demographic.

Well, I didn't say that quite - I was thinking of people who weren't into scene modes and photo forums - that might be someone who was into manual exposure and also into opera, or post modern fiction. I'm afraid that not using photo forums is not synonymous with no experience with the internet.

Also, holy cow those photo look terrible, I'm sure the dng's will be better. I realize that by choosing Jono and the Dr.(whos name I can't recall, should we all include our honorifiics) Leica is essentially saying these cameras are for everyone. That's fine, but by not going the fuji route in which they've sought participation of talented photographers are Leica saying these cameras aren't for "serious" photography?

Congratulations - you finally got it - it isn't for you!

But it is for someone.

All the best

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