Who is going to upgrade from LR4 to LR5?

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Re: Probably

I Agree

And it makes sense to keep Elements and LR as they always have been from a sales and marketing perspective.

It also makes sense to put CS is in the cloud.

Adobe are not stupid and while LR will be available to CC subscribers (as it should be) it seems obvious that it will always be available to enthusiasts as a permanent licence.  Same for Elements.

It would be interesting to know the percentage of enthusiast users of PS that use more than what is available in Elements.

While  I understand the angst caused by the move to CC for PS and other CS packages in reality it is probably going to provide professional design studios and Pro Photographers a better and more complete service and support.

More immoral than CC is Adobes penchant to take part in what is called "Geo Blocking". This is the situation where Adobe charges you for a software package depending on where you live in the world. Those of you who live in North America would be completely unaware of this  immoral practice.

Until recently, the Australian $ was worth around $1.05 US yet when trying to purchase Adobe products on line  and the Adobe web site detected your IP location in Australia, suddenly the price of an Adobe product is increased by as much as 3X. So $600 PS becomes $1500.

A fact for which there is no moral argument other than the argument that Australians have the ability to pay which is generally believed to be the only justification.  Adobe are not the only offenders. Other offenders include Corel, Apple (I Tunes), and numerous others.

The smaller software companies and Google tend to be more moral or consider the Australian market too small for them to engage in these immoral activities.

I do not believe LR or Elements will ever be CC only - Adobe are too smart to do that.

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