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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

Archer66 wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Win 7 = pretty good desktop OS

Win 8 = very bad desktop OS

Typical BS FUD from Jim Cockfield.

For desktop user Win 8 is the same as Win 7 with some improvements:

It's not even remotely the same. There is no hierarchical organization of programs accessed from the start system. There is no obvious way to get rid of a Metro app which takes over the screen. There isn't even any point to Metro on a desktop system.

The differences are very In Your Face and crippling for engineering and science users. I normally have at least dozens of programs to access industrial systems and subsystems installed, with confusing names. In the start menu they're grouped by manufacturer name and then by task to use them for - dead easy to find what I need.

In Windows 8 they're tiled up in the start screen with no organization and no way to tell what is for what, or even from what company.

Completely useless.

- Secure booting ( no more rootkits )

Except that is normally turned off. And even if it isn't a signed root kit will still bypass it.

- Better file copying with enchanced dialog, you can even pause it

That's an application, not an OS feature. It's been available as third party for a long time. for example.

- Better multimonitor support

This part is true, apart from that no monitor will have a start button or start menu, and it's confusing how to handle Metro apps due to the lack of visual cues.

- Better taskmanager

The task manager is better looking than before, but otherwise not that different. It does integrate other parts of the control panel. Whether that is better or worse is more a matter of taste. Seeing as I come from the "do one job and do it well" camp I'm still undecided.

- Better virtual machine ( Hyper V vs Virtual PC )

Which is pretty much immaterial to anyone actually relying on virtual machines (like I do a lot) as they need to have dedicated VM software anyway.

- Better printing ( no need to install printer drivers )

There is no difference in need for printer drivers between Windows 8 and earlier versions. There is an improved "call home" feature to get the latest drivers, but if your printer manufacturer hasn't paid its Microsoft tax that won't help you much. You still need to hunt down drivers.


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