Highest recommended ISO using the D800

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Re: Highest recommended ISO using the D800

Ernie Misner wrote:

Okay, so we want to nail the exposure, especially at high ISO's. Question though is what should the histogram look like? I do mostly landscapes and ETTR but NOT showing anything blown out. If we are shooting a wedding reception and need a solid, noise free exposure on a person's face, many times other specular highlights will be blown out and might look bad on the histogram, right? So the problem I have is I see that, freak out, and lower the exposure too much. Guess I need to shoot less landscapes and more weddings.

Or look at the blinkies?  Remembering that the blinkies (clipped highlights indicators) show at around the 250 level (out of 255) on the jpeg preview, so if the faces don't show blinkies (preferably checking the red channel) then they're not likely to be burned out.

Indoors one can often get specular highlights from lights and reflections of lights, and no point worrying if they get burned out.

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