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Definition of "Professional Photographer" - Someone who derives the majority of their income from the business of Photography."

Two questions to the OP:

  1. Did you see the results of the two "photographers" efforts?
  2. Were the "photographers" customers (i.e. the bride and groom) happy with the results?

As far as I'm aware there is no requirement for a particular type/make or model of camera in order to use it for professional purposes.
As for "not holding the camera correctly" I'm sure the operators were using a technique that they were both comfortable with and produced the results they were looking for.

I'm not a professional photographer (I came to this thread via the "Top threads in" link) but to me, the OP sounds like a case of jealousy that someone had the initiative to set themselves up and start making money from a photographic business.
No doubt the OP also knows how to set-up, administer and police the proposed "Professional Photographers License."

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