Praise the Macro Lenses. Post your best macros here.

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Re: Praise the Macro Lenses. Post your best macros here.

Colin Franks wrote:

kiwigirl wrote:

You just can't beat the Raynox DCR 250 for fun-value for money!

I have not yet felt the urge to "invest" in a prime macro lens!

I've been unaware of this little product. Can it truly be considered a legitimate replacement for an expensive macro lens?

I don't know exactly what a "legitimate" replacement would require, but I do know that you can create really appealing close-ups/macros with various add-on close-up lenses, for example including Canon and Marumi add-on lenses as well as the Raynox offerings.

I use four add-on close-up lenses, of varying power, on a 45-175 zoom lens on a G3.  The least powerful is the Canon 500D, which is good for flowers and larger insects such as butterflies, crane flies, dragonflies and damselflies. The most powerful is the Raynox MSN-202, which can go to 4:1 magnification on my rig, which covers a scene just 4.5mm across. It is extremely difficult to use. In between are the Raynox 250 and the less powerful (and easier to use) Raynox 150, which are good for small and very small flowers and middling sized insects such as wasps, bees, flies (apart from tiny flies such as fruit flies, which benefit from the power of the MSN-202 or similar), beetles etc.

Have a look at the work of Mark Berkery to get some insight into just what is possible using inexpensive equipment (Mark mainly uses a by now quite old FZ50 camera with Raynox lenses, and uses a "snoot" on the camera's built-in flash). The various Raynox-related groups on Flickr will illustrate what others are doing in this area.

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