A Pro's opinion of EVF vs OVF

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Re: A Pro's opinion of EVF vs OVF

Excuse me, perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I'm not comparing the V1 to a D600 or D5100 for image quality. I said "comparable" sensors. In this case, for comparison, a 24mp D7100 vs 24mp DX mirrorless (V3??). There would be no difference in image quality caused by the sensor.

Uh? Could the same be said when comparing a D7100 to a D600, no difference in image quality caused by the sensor? Plus, is there such a thing as a V3?

Assuming that a V3 came out with a APS-C sensor (which would be called a NEX-6, btw), it would likely have the following characteristics:

  • somewhat usable tracking in bright sunlight (DPR notes that the NEX can track in broad daylight, although the sample they show has huge DOF, isn't tightly framed, and still not all shots are acceptably sharp)
  • a train wreck with moving things in low light, exacerbated by the shallower DOF's tendency to exaggerate focus misses
  • IQ similar to that of an APS-C DSLR...if you can get the subject in focus
  • Poor battery life

You're obviously enamored of the qualities of a DSLR which, in some areas are decidedly superior to mirrorless. I've become enamored of certain abilities that the V1 has demonstrated as well as the compactness which mirrorless design allows. This experience has convinced me that further improvements in EVF and tracking ability will ultimately lead to (I HOPE) a DX camera with a sensor equal to a D7100 and externally available controls similar to a D300. That would please me greatly.

Unfortunately...I don't quite see a big market for that.

Your dream camera kind of already exists, in the form of the GH3. AF performance on non-moving subjects is effectively on par with DSLRs. Control layout is also very good. Even its size and format just about matches that of a DSLR. ISO performance is behind that of the best APS-C cameras, but matches that of the Sony SLT series (and Sony fans will claim that their ISO deficiency isn't visible under most circumstances).

While the camera you describe will certainly have some fans, it'll be competing with the Sony NEX series and Panasonic/Olympus's high end m4/3 cameras. Both are well established already, and arguably even more well established than Nikon's 1 series. Furthermore, such a Nikon offering would really hurt Nikon's 1 series cameras, and could lower Nikon's own entry DSLR sales.

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