The Art of the Manual Flash

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Re: The Art of the Manual Flash

Still the old f 16 rule

you can also look up and learn guide numbers but this way is faster and a much smaller chart

f16, iso 100, full power, at 12 ft on a 580   From here you can find any setting you need.  I carry a little chart I made with all the break downs and different ISO and f stops

So I start at f5.6 1/8 power at 12 ft.   remember half the distance doubles the power double the distance half the power and so on. double the distance again and you lose 4 times the power.   Every time you add a flash you gain one f stop  read your histogram do not rely on the camera screen unless you have already adjusted it.   I set my 5d and 6d screens to minus 2 if I want them to be a close match to what the file will be

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