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kelpdiver wrote:

The 'hold out' is driven by the fact that performance hasn't really changed since Sandy Bridge, and if you're the type to overclock, may have even regressed a little. Despite switching to 22nm and having two generations (ivy bridge and haswell), the impact to a quad processor system (i5-2500k) is minimal, certainly not worth an upgrade.


Over the past 4 generations of Core i7's, the clock speed hasn't increased much.  And despite the improvements and increases in parallelism, even core count hasn't increased much.  The only things that have improved is power consumption, efficiency, and new instruction sets.  I've got a 6-7 year old laptop that still gets the job done for internet, movies, music, light photo editing, and Office.  And it is a dual core Centrino with less than 3GB of RAM running Windows 7.

While memory is getting cheaper, the amount of RAM in machines from the past few years has been plenty for most.  And until Microsoft dumps 32-bit and goes 64-bit only, those with the 32-bit OS's will still be limited to 4GB.

The only real consistent big improvement that happens every year is graphics cards.  And well, the ones that need those huge improvements caters to a select crowd that are not likely to be buying a PC off the shelf, nor does that improvement require a new PC.

In the past, processor speed jumped so quickly at every release and every new OS strained the current hardware it pushed people to upgrade every 2-3 years.  But now OS's don't strain the hardware and machines are fast enough for the 'majority'.  So the need to upgrade isn't as great, extending the computer lifespan even longer.  People are more likely to buy a new PC as an addition to what they have than it is to replace, and that doesn't happen that often.  Unless, of course, the other PC kicked the bucket.

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