Highest recommended ISO using the D800

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Re: Highest recommended ISO using the D800

You are asking for a point on a slope. You need to get to know your camera and understand the losses you take so you can judge whether they are worth it for what it gains. What is acceptable will depend on the subject, conditions, final output, and aesthetics of the client. This is what you are being paid to do. Your skill at this is one of the markers that sets you above the bride uncle with a DSLR.

This DR chart is a good indication of what is happening with raised ISO. As soon as you up to 200 ISO you are losing something. At 400 you have lost almost two stops of DR. Whether that is or is not significant is a judgement call you need to be able to make in the field. There is no point on this slope where it is all good one side and all bad the other.

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