Just Switched to the RX1 from the M9

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Re: Just Switched to the RX1 from the M9

1JB wrote:

The M "240" sensor is not competitive with the Sony RX1 sensor

Oh really? If you put any stock in dxo ratings, you'll see that while the M does rank behind the rx1 and d800 in all categories, the difference ultimately amounts to about 2/3 of a stop of better "color depth", and of course roughly 1 stop of dynamic range as iso increases. While intellectually relevant this is almost a nonissue if you use the cameras for taking photos, measuring charts, well...

Bare in mind, the M outscores the 1DX in every category but iso. I assure you, if these sensor differences amount to much in the print our standards as consumers must be very low indeed as the 1dx has contributed a great deal of the everyday photography that we encounter in magazines, webpages, billboards and galleries.

The color rendition of the M is off, particularly in face tones and is only rectified through extensive profiling done on your own.

Bull. If this is an issue at all, it will be addressed and corrected like color issues always are with new cameras.

As you note the key to using the M is to do so "as intended" which translates to ample light and lower isos. At this point it is apparent to me that the tecnical issues associated with marrying the small M lenses to a sensor are proving difficult to overcome.


Wait, didn't you say you came from shooting an M9? All sensors need adequate light to work as intended. M lenses transmit the same amount of light as reflex lenses, the body size is relative to the distance of the flange to the focal plane.

The live view interface on the M is cumbersome to use and manual focus for video is just silly. Leica fell further behind with the M. The superior sensor of the RX1 along with its versatility is eroding M sales.

Okay, you've never tried these cameras. You don't have a clue what you're writing about and you're just trolling. You should have just said that at the onset. The pretense is just silly and breaks down any chance of learning about the things your trashing (why bother? who cares, move on and have fun with whatever you really have).

I have no doubt that if the RX1 had a Leica red dot on it sales of the M would be eroded to the pont that the M would be a relic. The entire Leica lineup is extremely dated even with the release of the 'Milestone" M. The mini is going to be an even bigger disappointment. Leica makes rangefinders and lenses. They don't make sensors or software. Sensors and software are the future and Leica just can't compete in that arena. What Leica needed was a step change in its sensor on the M, instead it came out with a very mediocre 24mp cmos sensor.

Troll on bro! You tell the man! Down with leica! Let's trash them til prices come down. Or wait, maybe you can troll them so bad they move production to China? Oh yeah, that'll show 'em.

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