Highest recommended ISO using the D800

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Re: Highest recommended ISO using the D800

mmmmmmmm wrote:

Last weekend I shot a wedding with the D800 and 70-200VRII lens. I notice a lot of noise in the files using ISO3200. I was shooting at f2.8. Any suggestions?


David Miller

Hey David,

My opinion is that a bit of noise is better than any bit of camera-shake blur.

Also look at the pictures at the magnification that they are going to be printed. In most of the cases that is smaller than 1:1.

One last thing: we tend to have very high standards for acceptable noise levels. Many times some luminance noise can be aesthetically pleasant. I find chroma noise on the other hand kind of distracting.

I can't tell you what I find acceptable. If I need the speed/aperture then the ISO has to go up. Many times I have set a low speed limit and that has resulted in missed shots, which for me is worse than a little bit of noise.



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