Which lenses for concert

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Re: Which lenses for concert

Pentax Kx and 50mm

apsc camera (pentax Kx) with a 50mm lens

tomiga wrote:

Do not forget ear plugs.

a) I am not sure (I have never been in this club) but I suppose it is not big (so not too far)

b) difficult to judge but there is a place where concerts are usual so I expect some ligh at least on stage

c) rock

d) 4 persons in band but probably I will concentrate on single members

e) portraits and individuals

Thanks for your suggestions.

The most important thing (other than ear plugs) is to enjoy yourself.

Cameras these days are great for live music....unless things are REALLY dim your camera(s) will be ok with those lenses....the two shots above are with an old Pentax Kx which I believe has an older Sony sensor than your cameras...the full band shot is a bit soft but just to show you that even with 50mm IF you have room to step back you can get more than just portraits.....start early and you may find you have more room than once everyone gets into it....your camera and lenses should do better than older cameras did with 2.8 and faster lenses.    Do not be affraid to up the iso and if shhoting for the band, get some crowd shots (you can use flash for that) and interplay between band members.

Again, the light may be dim overall, but some of the band members may lit quite well and if that is the case a shot of all the band will also be ok.

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