Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Uh, what?

deednets wrote:

I never said that lens manufacturers should work together in harmony to fill gaps, I was only looking at what is available. I found there were no real compelling reasons for getting any of the extra lenses and was a bit disappointed, that's all.

*If* you were only expressing your personal disappointment, you wouldn't have had seen a backlash. But you started a thread called "Did they get it right" and commented:

> Is this wise policy? Is it? Really?

> Well done, right??

> Am I alone here thinking that there was a great opportunity here starting from scratch so it doesn't take rocket science, as a taxi driver/hairdresser equivalent of a photographer anywhere in the world and they might have given them some ideas.

> I think it is wasted engineering and could have been spent differently ...

Sound an awful lot like criticizing Fuji and Zeiss for failing to cater to your personal whims.

I don't own a Fuji 'X' but I applaud their lineup.  Unlike Sony, Olympus, Panasonic they catered to photographers (as opposed to p&s'ers right from the start).  (No defense from Oly fans needed - after 3 years they finally had a decent lineup).

- Dennis

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