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Thank you for your first-hand comments, Dr. Rohde. I am sure that X2 Vario produces good results in bright light. But is that really enough to set this product apart and justify its high price? With such a slow lens and no image stabilization, use of this camera without a tripod will be limited to brightly lit conditions. This is also the case with the Tri-Elmar you mention. I too have this lens (28-35-50 version), and its maximum aperture of f4 makes its window of usefulness very narrow, especially given that, when paired with the M9, it is not stabilized. The limited high ISO performance of the M9 only serves to make the Tri-Elmar even less useful.

For many common lighting scenarios, the X2 Vario user will often be faced with two equally undesirable options: increase ISO or use the flash.

Consider these travel snapshots taken three years go with the original Panasonic GF-1 and the 20mm f/1.7. Look at the metadata. These types of photos could not have been made with the X2 Vario without running the ISO quite high and then what has happened to IQ? Since the GF-1, the m4/3 cameras have made huge strides in image quality both at base and high ISOs and Olympus in particular has released several excellent high speed primes, not to mention highly effective sensor stabilization (IBIS). Fuji has some very good high speed primes as well and the X-E1 sensor is incredibly quiet at high ISOs.

I am a Leica enthusiast and certainly not someone who delights in criticizing products from this storied company. But honestly, I can't see how X2 Vario as a concept can be defended, even at half the price. Even if the customer wanted a zoom, who in their right mind would choose the X2 Vario over the Fuji X-E1 with 18-55mm f/2.8-4 OIS Lens?

Dr. Ulrich Rohde wrote:

Well, amazing how many comments the Leica X2 Vario has triggered, condemning an about to be released product.

Some time ago I had this camera in working order for a few weeks, and took many pictures. I was amazed about the crisp clean pictures, perfectly focused even under

difficult light conditions , amazing colors, like the one people adjust their pictures in

post processing

I did not find the camera bulky and as I frequently use the TriElmar on the M 240 I really welcome the wider zoom range.

The Sony RX1 was frequently referred to. Yes I have one and I found I often wished it had a 75 mm equivalent lens.

By the way my most versatile combination is the M 240, the R lens adaptor and the R

Vario 28 to 90 mm, 35 to 70 mm / f=2.8 next.

As you will try the X2 Vario you will be pleasantly surprised, and I told Leica that with a

certain amount of sadness I returned the camera, now hoping to be able to buy on as I am heading to go sailing .

I will share the pictures with you.

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