Refurbished Canon Lenses?

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Refurbished or used Canon Lenses?

I suspect that the "refurbished" lens isn't.  Many people who are newer to photography often use a new lens in a manner that isn't optimal to picture image, I know I did just that with a lens that I knew was inferior so when I got crappy pictures clearly the lens was at fault.  In my circumstance and with some others, I and they weren't applying proper technique and the lens gets returned, a perfectly functioning lens.

The retailer can't sell the lens as new because it isn't any more, but when they test the lens it works just fine, so.......... they sell it as refurbished.

I try to purchase everything photographic used now after purchasing a camera, lenses, studio lights, etc. used locally, where I could examine and test out the item, then hand over my money. Most equipment goes under used, so if a lens looks almost brand new, even though it is ten years old, it probably saw very limited use.

Never purchase from a professional.

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