Nikon D7000 vs Sony A77 vs D3000 vs Wait for a bargain price

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Nikon D7000 vs Sony A77 vs D3000 vs Wait for a bargain price

Hello to all,

This is my very first post here so I'll keep it moderately short and simple.

To start I am inconsistent semi amateur photographer, which at times I am inspired to shoot for a great period of time, and then there are times where I get lazy and don't really want to back into photography. Recently, I've been inspired to get back into photography, and I've been having this feeling that I have to press a camera shutter again, so now I am in the market or possibly in the market of getting a DSLR or SONY's DSLT camera.

Frist off, right now I have a Nikon D3000 sitting in my bag, ready to sell, but really I don't know whether I should keep it, upgrade to a Nikon D7000, jump ship to Sony's A77, or simply just waiting around for awhile for another price drop on those 2 cameras and then throw money at either those two.. Hmmm.. IDK what to do at the moment. I've been doing research on both camera and yes, they both have there +/- but again I'm really not sure of what I want.

On the Nikon side, first things first, I really have shot with Nikon all along, and generally speaking I like what they offer from camera to lens lineup and menu UI, controls, image quality, etc. Then on the other hand, I've been intrigued of Sony's offerings about the A77. I am really curious about the DSLT technology, the OLED EVF, Detachable screen on back, UI, and controls that are in the camera of the A77 and also that I just wanna taste it (seeing if I jump ship, would I like it?) Or in other words I just wanna try something new.

Then also, there's a side of me that's want to wait out for awhile and possibly wait for the successor to the A77 and then really compare the two and maybe snag the A77 for less green ($).

So really I don't know really what I want. I mean, I've been pleased with Nikon's candy for all of my shooting experience, but then I want to explore other flavors of candy in which is Sony A77. But then before I let the coins out I want to get make sure I am making the right choice and would like to buy it at a deal.

Here what I have in mind: (All prices are from BH Photo 6/10/13)

1). Nikon D7000 (NEW) $897 / Nikon D7000 Used (Excellent Condition) $700 with either Tamron 17-50 $474 or Sigma 17-50 $594 or Nikon 16-85 $649 (Not F/2.8 but F/3.5-5.6)

2). Sony A77 with 16-50 (New) $1498 + Free Sony Battery Grip.

3). Keep my Nikon D3000 and use that.

4). Wait around to see possibly I can scoop up a used D7000 for a good bargain (either online or CL) or same goes for the Sony A77.

Again, really I calling out Nikon Fans + Sony Fans and share your thought and all those others who want to chime in! Anything I should look out for, advantages and disadvantages for both systems, etc., etc.

Thanks everyone! Happy shooting!

Nikon D3000 Nikon D7000 Sony SLT-A77
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