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Re: Stacker Exam .... Give me Score

Congratulations Hossam!
Both images look very good to me. I don't see much difference between the 15 shots and the 66 shots, except that the upper left and upper right corners are sharper for the 66 shots, so I assume that your last shots were focused farther away in the second set. In fact, the last shot in the 66-shot set is all blurred (focused too far away), so that the stacker program didn't use all 66 shots.

I find that it is often difficult to tell what is in focus while taking the shots. Sometimes my bracket isn't wide enough so that I must throw everything away. I have my shortcut button set for the digital teleconverter. Sometimes, before taking a series of bracketed shots, I check where the near and far ends of the bracket are, keeping the same focal length that I will eventually use for the set, but using the digital teleconverter to magnify the view to check the focus. Once I am satisfied that I know where the near and far points are, I turn off the digital teleconverter with the shortcut button.

We are both learning here. I don't have a very good feel for how the depth-of-field varies with aperture and with distance, but I am guessing that a few centimetres is typical, so that 10-20 shots should be enough most of the time. The trick will be to learn how to take just enough shots (not too few and not too many, although the latter is better). I don't know the answer, so let me know when you figure it out. One good thing about focus bracketing is that it gives you more artistic freedom. You can decide afterwards which shots you want to include in order to get exactly the depth-of-field that you want.

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