The new FZ200, something's different

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Re: The new FZ200, something's different

PTinTexas wrote:

I'm hoping someone who understands this stuff better than I do can help.

We just bought my wife an FZ200 and have been extremely frustrated by the noise in the photos. It seems consistently worse than her very old Canon pocket point and shoot that she is replacing. It also seems worse than my LX3.

Neither mode nor lighting seem to matter much. I'd expect pretty decent pics in the iA mode - but again, lots of noise.

I'm trying to reconcile this with all the great reviews for this camera. I'd love to learn we are doing something wrong - but when it happens in iA mode?

Maybe I'm just expecting something I shouldn't. Any help would be appreciated - right now we are about to send the camera back which would be depressing given the hours she has spent learning the controls.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

There seems to be big variations in quality between different FZ200s. I returned my first one, because the image quality wasn't as good as my FZ150. The second camera was much better. I would consider returning that particular camera (if possible) and ask for another one. Then see if the new one has similar issues.
Panasonic FZ200

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