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Re: Come On! You knew I was including that as well. . .

Glen Barrington wrote:

You are splitting hairs. The truth is, people AREN'T buying new machines in the numbers have have been. People are holding out to see if Microsoft will cave. That's what I'm doing. I'm thinking Win 9 will be out in RECORD time! no need to rush out and replace Win 7.

The 'hold out' is driven by the fact that performance hasn't really changed since Sandy Bridge, and if you're the type to overclock, may have even regressed a little.  Despite switching to 22nm and having two generations (ivy bridge and haswell), the impact to a quad processor system (i5-2500k) is minimal, certainly not worth an upgrade.

If you want a longer lasting laptop, then the power savings are worthwhile.  And getting a newer MB with better SATA6 and USB3 support might be an allure, but the core system performance is moving very very slowly, since AMD can't see to put up much of a fight these days.

Frankly I'm tired of MS mucking with the UI with every new windows and office release, and that's enough of a reason to skip an upgrade when I have a choice.  They had the option of supporting "classic mode" but continue to choose not to.

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