Jpeg or RAW ( & Why) June 2013

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Guy Parsons
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That's where we clash.....

walkaround wrote:

Raw proponents also tend to be religious about it and use magical thinking, which is a total turn off for me.

Yes, some do it that way and earlier I was a jpeg only person.

But after getting the E-PL5 and more storage, I find that I use the E-PL5 to shoot RAW+jpeg at 16:9 ratio to get the full screen and largest detail on the LCD (but frame with the knowledge that the RAW 4:3 image is there). And then when home review the jpegs to decide what's trash and what to keep, then use Silkypix Pro V5 to batch process the remaining RAWs to 4:3 jpegs for storage.

Most times I let Silkypix run with default settings and pick only a few that may need separate adjusts, or come back to the chosen ones later to redo more carefully.

The initial surprise for me was that Silkypix delivers nicer images than the E-PL5 jpegs, most only slightly different but sometimes quite obviously better and that's at default settings which is Silkypix's setting and totally ignores the camera jpeg settings apart from lens distortion correction.

The telling one for me was some casual portraits and the Silkypix version delivered better looking skin than the Natural, Sat-1 Contrast -1, Sharp -1, Grad - Normal could do. With Sharpen settings I find that Olympus sharpens the image somewhat even at -2 setting delivering enhanced noise and also slight edge halos. By using the RAW that can be eliminated and more careful unsharp mask sharpening done later to suit the display or print size desired.

So the RAW conversion was definitely not a religious thing for me, I just found that they work better so was converted, but basically I am still an atheist.

Regards.... Guy

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