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Re: Manual focus pocus

Alex master wrote:

I assume that small central part of the frame (or picthure) gets bigger, covering all screen, and you will not be able to see adges of the frame, just enlarged central area.

Manual focus in such cameras not very usefull

much easer to get autofocus on any target on required distance with half-press shot button, then holding button, reaim on required scene. You just need to select point focus and turn-off following focus

Agree with that about central spot autofocus, I never use any camera any other way, except when on a tripod for macro.

Back to my wife's Casio, I have never ever used manual focus on any pocket camera as it seems a waste of time, the aim and half press focus then reframe and shoot is way faster and possibly as accurate.

The tiny sensor in these cameras does yield huge depth of field so the focus accuracy requirements of course are usually way less than normal.

In the interests of science I grabbed my wife's ZR200 and tried manual focus for the first time. Sure, it expands the central rectangle out to full frame for better view of the focus when using the left/right buttons. So use it the same way that I use AF, aim that central rectangle at the point of interest that needs to be in exact focus, use the buttons to get it sharp, let the view drop back to full frame, then recompose the frame and shoot.

Regards..... Guy

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