I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

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Re: I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

drcPhoto wrote:

PC Wheeler wrote:

jimoyer wrote:

You keep waiting, and we'll keep enjoying ours

Indeed! My GH3 with the two f/2.8 zooms never fails to satisfy me. I'd probably be equally pleased with the EM-5 based on the excellent images I've seen posted here and elsewhere, but the ergonomics (size, handling, menus, etc.) are not for me: The GH3 fits my hand perfectly and after GH1 and GH2 (both too small IMO) the GH3 menus feel very natural.

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Phil - I agree completely. Couldn't be happier with the GH3 and the two Pana zooms. It just fits right and works perfectly. I would like a few specific primes someday too, but until then I couldn't be happier with my gear.


PC/Dale… if I had about $3,500 laying around to spend for the GH3 and both Panasonic 2.8 zooms, I’d probably be very happy with that kit myself. That would be my ultimate m4/3 setup that has the least amount of compromises that even Icould live with. Hopefully (in the not too distant future), a body similar to the GH3 and some 'slightly lessor' quality zooms lenses will be released that are more in line with my budget.


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