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Re: Canon 5d iii, prices

Toccata47 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

I'd not to give a try, or have a good luck

Use Canon Price Watch website to track the price. It's safe to buy from some now known non-authorized dealers such as BVI, getitdigital etc that they listed in eBay for a little cheaper price. Many bought from them with good experiences. Unfortunately summer is the most expensive period for camera gear in general, and the holiday season is the best time to buy if you could wait.

If summer is the worst time to buy, why are 'cross the board sales in effect?

this is the cheating part from all those dealers. Although Canon has instant rebate on many products but at the same time those dealers raised the prices so the actual effective prices are still higher. Use Canon Price Watch site to check the prices in history under each item you're interested (at the very bottom of each page), and you will find the patterns to show the best price is around the holiday season every year and summer is the worst price time usually.

I wouldn't but from an unauthorized dealer ever. Why trade a warranty for $100?

that's fine, your choice. I bought $2500 5D3 from BVI (saved $500 then) with USA warranty card included as we heard from Getitdigital (or GID). In reality Canon USA doesn't even ask the USA warranty registration card but only the purchase receipt to prove you bought a gear from a camera shop with a USA address in one year. Canon simply doesn't have a policy to bug camera gear from its authorized dealers in order to receive the warranty services or out of warranty services.

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