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Re: TG2 focus problem

jmac221 wrote:

My TG2 seems to have an intermittent focus problem.
Something focus seems to physically stick.

Can you describe the problem a bit better?  These cameras have a huge DOF, so a stuck AF would be nearly impossible to notice.  What do you actually see?

When this happens, I can sometimes get focus working with a gentle tap to the camera with the palm of my hand. When this does not work, i need to reboot the camera.

My TG-1 starts missing focus when the battery gets low.  And by low, I mean two bars instead of three.  (One other thing I noticed, is that it takes a lot longer to go from three bars to two bars, than it takes from two bars to "empty").

One possible workaround is to switch to the "underwater snap 2" mode that turns off AF.  But it locks you into the widest end of the zoom.

I have also noticed that this condition is more likely to happen after I try to make a change in zoom/focal length. Additionally, more likely to happen after sitting a few minutes with camera "on" (waiting for "the shot").

I don't have the same problem, but I hate when my TG-1 suddenly goes to sleep.  So I keep half-pressing the shutter from time to time when I wait.

Anyone else with similar TG2 condition?

It is a great little camera and I like it a lot for whitewater kayaking. I'll observe the TG2 for a couple more days. It will prob be sent back to Olympus for repair...hopefully under warranty. I'll have to use my back-ups, AW100 and my old Olympus 8000.

Intermittent problems are hard to reproduce, so it's hard to get warranty repair on them.

Best of luck!


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