Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Uh, what?

David McGaughey wrote:

You seemed upset that Zeiss wasn't complementing the Fuji lens lineup. I gave an explanation why that was the case.

People were definitely complaining when Zeiss announced their lenses for the X-mount, but they weren't blaming Fuji.

I'm confused why you keep comparing the primes to the zooms. They have nothing to do with one another. People use a 23/1.4 for a totally different purpose than a 18-55 zoom. As for the 56/60 lenses.....yes they are rather close in length, but they are very different lenses. The 60/2.4 is a fairly compact macro lens with stellar edge-to-edge sharpness at all apertures. The 56/1.2 will (PROBABLY) be a heavy brick with characteristics similar to the 35/1.4, i.e. good central sharpness but so-so edge resolution until you stop down a bit.

You read a lot into this, sorry this was never my intention! Was only thinking that there was an opportunity!

Re the 56 and the 60: I am aware of the different concept but since I was looking for portrait lenses, I cannot see myself use both the 56 and th 60 for portraits. I might be wrong but this is my gut feeling as of now.

Regarding comparisons: I think at the medium end of the spectrum, that is the 23mm you mention, there is just not enough in it for me to get both the prime and the zoom. If what you are saying is true, then people in the Fuji camp would actually buy more than one of the same range e.g. the 18 plus the 23 plus the 18-55? I wouldn't, but would get a couple of lenses if they were outside of what is already covered.

I was speaking for myself, what the current lineup - and the future lineup can offer me (not you or any NEX user etc) and sadly I have to say that currently there is nothing I would consider e.g. there was - and still is - an 18/2.0 here on TradeMe, reasonable priced since nobody seems to want it "enough" ... my thinking was: OK the lens is faster but no OIS, makes th camera smaller but less versatile. The 23?? Same argument "for me!!" maybe nice regarding image quality and bokeh, but I personally would possibly use the 23 for landscapes rather than bokeh excercises, so probalby better for my taste than the 18 but still not compelling enough.

A 90 or 105 with AF and fast, would have suited my needs better, but neither company, busy to cater for their own lineup or SONY users has tapped into this yet. Clever this might be as somebody has pointed out here to first sell a sluggish, but optically excellent 60mm, then the 56/1.2 people will possibly think the lens is way too soft and then Fuji will release th 85 ... selling 3 lenses all for portraits?? Otherwise, why release a macro lens first?? Which is not really a true 1:1 macro, but nevertheless a great piece of glas ...

I never really check corner sharpness on the 60mm and don't do macro really, so this for the purpose of portrait shooting would be doubling up ratehr than expanding the range available!

Thanks all, I think this post gets a bit long now, had my hiding for suggesting the lineup "might" not suit everybody but I am here all alone, hadn't expected this! No other soul found this an issue!

Fine with me! But since there seems to be so little demand - or need - the fast medium telephoto primes will never happen, becasue peopel are happy as it it right?


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