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Re: A 35 and a 50 ? 6K ? No way.

DFPanno wrote:

I would be amazed if they released a companion 50mm camera.

You might be right, you might be wrong.

I know that 2 or 3 years ago I saw people in these same forums saying a compact Full Frame camera like the RX1 was technically impossible. The wiring stuff around the sensor, they said, would just take up too much space.

And farther back, say in 2004, I saw people giving long technical explanations why you would never see even a 1.6x crop DSLR for less than $2000.

Here we are talking about what the sort of market would be for a 50mm Full Frame camera.

You might be right, but this might be like Columbus saying you could get to India by sailing west. Later, after it's been done, and has become a bit of success, it will be obvious that there was a market for a 50mm Full Frame compact.

Or maybe you're right.

The thing is, with 50mm on Full Frame, you can almost shoot portraits, with a blurred background. But you can do lots of other stuff too.

The RX1 can almost do portraits too, but not quite. Not super well. The extra 15 mm would help a lot. And portraits are a big deal, because they can be of the people we share our lives with.

Imagine visiting Paris with only a 50mm Full Frame compact, and getting plenty of fine "city" photos, but also a few photos of the people you are traveling with, with the Eiffel Tower, blurred, in the background.

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