Is FF really better than m43? and why?

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Re: Is FF really better than m43? and why?

mferencz wrote:

You must have blessed us with the same line of self contrived bologna a dozen times already.

The points I made were true the first time I said then, and the 12th.

It just takes different shapes in the different opportunities presented you. Sure some of what you say is right, but most of your opinions on M43 revolve around you clinically tearing it apart while at the end putting the cherry on top by saying (I have M43 and I like it).

How did I tear anything appart? I'm quite certain that m43 fans here are quite aware of the capabilities of the format, of each body and each lens, what they can and cannot do.  Most here don't need me to confirm what a capable system m43 is.  That is obvious.

I don't understand this weird "cherry on top" nonsense you mention as I've been using m43 since close to the beginning.

If I didn't like m43, I wouldn't use it, plain and simple.  But no, I don't think it's as good a FF.  It should be fairly obvious that in many ways it's not.  But if you lack so much confidence in your choice of gear to the point that you need every single post to reference how great it is, how wonderfully small it is, how good the glass is, etc, then I will try to remember that.  But I thought you knew all that.  Next time I be sure to adequately praise m43.  

But if someone is going to ask for a comparison with top-of-the-line FF cameras, you should expect that replies are not always going to be exactly what you want to hear. The laws of physics have not been altered and advances in sensor technology are happening to all image formats at the same time.  Other formats aren't standing still while m43 improves.   The OP asked specifically about DOF as he seems to have blurred the background of his image, AFAIK, and then asked a fairly loaded question to which there really is only one answer (if you are talking about shallow DOF for portraiture).

Question why on earth do you have M43 if you can't find one positive thing to say about it?

I can find a ton of positive things about m43, but they are all said here on a daily basis.  m43 has some of the best lenses in mirrorless, some great video cameras like the GH2 and GH3, the flagship OMD is an excellent camera, and the format is an excellent compromise between size and IQ.  All that said, that doesn't mean it's gotten to the level of FF in IQ, DOF control, or equaled F and EF mount for variety of glass.   It hasn't.

It puzzles me to this day is why some here feel the need to ignore APS-C and go straight for FF. Perhaps with more modest goals, like comparisons to APS-C cameras and DOF, the topic wouldn't be such an uphill battle, a David vs Goliath fight as it were, and you would get more pleasing answers.

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