Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Uh, what?

I have absolutely no affiliation to Zeiss or any other company. I was merely pondering what is available. When I heard that Zeiss would be making Fuji lenses I thought there would be a tad more variety.

That's all.

I got quite a hiding here for expressing a thought, coming from the angle of what is available. I never said that lens manufacturers should work together in harmony to fill gaps, I was only looking at what is available. I found there were no real compelling reasons for getting any of the extra lenses and was a bit disappointed, that's all.

It seems that this disappointment re 32/34mm or 50/60mm zoom or various overlaps re 18-55 vs 18/2.0 and 23/2.0 (just guessing, it is meant to be faster than that??) is not shared by anybody, astounding that everybody here seems to think that it's all just fabulous.

Of course you have a point regarding the current lineup if you look at Fuji only, but I was thinking of lenses available as a whole.


You seemed upset that Zeiss wasn't complementing the Fuji lens lineup. I gave an explanation why that was the case.

People were definitely complaining when Zeiss announced their lenses for the X-mount, but they weren't blaming Fuji.

I'm confused why you keep comparing the primes to the zooms. They have nothing to do with one another. People use a 23/1.4 for a totally different purpose than a 18-55 zoom. As for the 56/60 lenses.....yes they are rather close in length, but they are very different lenses. The 60/2.4 is a fairly compact macro lens with stellar edge-to-edge sharpness at all apertures. The 56/1.2 will (PROBABLY) be a heavy brick with characteristics similar to the 35/1.4, i.e. good central sharpness but so-so edge resolution until you stop down a bit.

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