Win8 vs Win7

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Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,219
Re: Win8 vs Win7

For laptops....yes.

Win8 does a better job with power mgmt., and especially resuming from hibernation over Win7. I know several large point of sale network that are drooling all over Win8 because it works so well in this type of kiosk  / dedicated function roll.

Lots of security tweaks in Win8 as well, but nothing dramatic. I tolerate Win8 on my laptop simply because I'm constantly moving to different client networks and need to rapidly boot up and connect. For a general desktop I stick to Win7 because Metro is annoying and *cannot* be disabled via 3rd party addons. Getting sick of hearing that.

Virtualization works fine in Win8 as well, although no different than Win7.

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