Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Lenses: Did they get it right??

jyhfeei wrote:

Nice summary.

I do think that Fuji is missing a telephoto prime. In the old days, by far the most popular telephoto lens was 135 f/2.8 (FF). A useful portrait lens for speed, size and low cost due to the relatively simple optical design. The 55-200 zoom's speed (~f/6 FF) in this range may not provide the bokeh many are looking for. The 56 f/1.2 (85 FF) will be there for portraits, but it will not have much reach and I suspect may be pricey. A 90 f/2 would have been a complimentary lens to add to Fuji's list, especially for those who already bought the 60 f/2.4 macro.

Perhaps this omission is not such a bad thing as it allows me to dust off my old Zuiko tele lenses and use them for this purpose. I can't wait for the phase peaking to make it to the XE1s/XPro1s.

Indeed a nice summary it was! I was thinking along the same lines as you when I realised there was nothing in it for me. As I have mentioned in a couple of responses to other posters, the 56 vs 60 if you use the 60/2.4 as a portrait lens - as I do - then the difference in angle might not be compelling enough.

Regarding manual lenses, I use a 105/2.5 Nikkor, bi-colour, fantastically sharp lens, great on tripod for cityscapes but horribly slow for tack sharp portraits in low light and manual focusing. I must say I struggle with the 105 and 3x magnification when the subject is even moving a bit. Changing aperture helps with focusing but find the amplification of light in the EVF in dim light distracting and then I still have to reset the aperture afterwards a fiddly process ...

Focus peaking would help, for sure - or a 90/2.0 Zeiss or Fuji that never eventuated.




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