A57 Focus vs A 700

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Re: A57 Focus vs A 700

Paige Wood wrote:

Generally because of a neck injury and some added hassles weight is becoming a problem, so I am taking it with me less and less ( has Tokina 28 -70 ATX pro 2.8 that doesn't help ).

What kind of strap do you use?

The type of neck strap which is sold with the camera gives me neck problems even though I don't have any neck problems otherwise. Of course using heave lenses and a grip doesn't help.

With a traverse shoulder strap which is mounted in the tripod thread, I can walk around all day, almost without noticing the camera, and certainly without neck problems. There are a lot of vendors selling this type of strap. I use a Custom SLR which is quite good, but the one from Carryspeed seems even nicer. There is also Sun Sniper and Black Rapid.


Beaten by geoffmalter with 2 hours. Next time I should read the full thread before replying.

Anyway, it is the same type of strap we are writing about.

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