I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

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Re: I’m still waiting for the right m43 camera

I am about to pull the trigger on an Olympus E-PL5 or E-PM2, the new models that have the same sensor as the OM-D.  First, some observations :

(1) They are giving away the bodies, get over it.  That's why the lenses are so darned expensive.  They are still trying to get the lens mount established, and to do this, they need extremely cheap entry-level cameras, i.e. the PEN cameras with 14-42 lens (a $50 lens) is crazy-cheap.

I feel there are 3 disappointments in these cameras :

(a) Video quality is marginal, and the focus system tends to "hunt" rather badly, especially when panning.  This is easily seen in the sample videos at www.cameralabs.com.  For video, imho, the Olympus cameras are a FAIL.

(b) Lack of a built-in flash is a disappointment, but I am buying these cameras because of their excellent low-light sharpness and size, and hopefully the flash will be necessary far less often with good low-light ability.

(c) I understand the user interface is horrible, and the E-PM2 doesn't even have a mode dial.  That's just ridiculous.  If my son's $99 Panasonic SZ-7 can have a mode dial, a $400 Olympus can have a mode dial!   If I want a mode dial I can get an E-PL5, but it has a big fat articulating screen that articulates in a really weird and un-useful way, to avoid cannibalizing digicam sales, I imagine.  If I get the larger E-PL5 I'll give up even more compactness, give up the flash, in return for a mode dial and stupid articulating screen.  Olympus, why are your cameras always too funky ??

After looking at many studio shots on the imaging resource website, at ISO 1600, and looking at the sharpness of e.g. "The Digital Proportional Scale", I can find no better cameras for indoor photography, quite surprisingly.  No DSLR does better.  I am through taking grainy smeared shots with a 1/2.33" Panasonic ZS-3 at boy scout events,  I need a micro 4/3rds camera, period.

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