Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Lenses: Did they get it right??

Jeff Seltzer wrote:

It seems to me I am the only one who thinks the overall choices are a tad too close to each other, but as other posters here have pointed out, the Zeiss is mainly concerned about NEX so barking up the wrong tree here. To even remotely compare the lens selection of your Canon to the Fuji is an interesting approach! I just checked the New Zealand website for Canon and there are 90 lenses listed ...

Will leave it at that!


Lens manufactures don't necessarily sit around and try to fill holes with different focal lengths. For example, Zeiss doesn't think "what focal lengths doesn't Canon make? Let's make those." Zeiss, in fact, makes many of the same focal lengths as Canon. Same with Sigma, etc. The reason to go with one vs. the other is not focal length, but rather quality or optical performance.

What kind of photography are you doing that isn't covered in the Fuji road map??

I take portraits and have in the past used the 85/90 as well as the 105/135 equivalents e.g. the Nikkor 105/2.5 for many years one of my favourite lenses. I currently still use one on the Fuji, but struggle with the manual focus when not absolutely still and on tripod. When I take portraits, the available light can be quite dim, use softboxes and modifiers with flash but when I stop down the Nikkor and then enlarge the current view the amplification of the image in the EVF can often look quite grainy making it difficult to find perfect focus. I hate it when the eyes are OOF (who doesn't so a longer lens would have been nice).

Not sure about third party manufacturers not looking at filling gaps, but you might be right, as asylum has pointed out before Zeiss more interested in the SONY NEX system.

I was only thinking that since there aren't really gazillions of lenses around for the Fuji system yet, why make lenses that are so close?

An example? I currently use the 60/2.4 as my portrait lens and will possibly get the 56/1.2. BUT: would I keep both for portraits? Maybe, but certainly not for the different angle. My suspicion is that I would have to check exif to see the difference, so a bit of wasted territory for me here! Same applies to the current 12/14mm ... I will just not get the 12mm, BUT would have been very, very interested if Fuji had only had the 18mm ... So my pondering more around the light to medium telephoto here, I personally would have preferred a 90 or thereabouts fast prime over the 56 - and then have used both the 60 AND the 90 ...



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