Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Lenses: Did they get it right??

Asylum Photo wrote:

Your complaints make no sense. Hence the trolling accusation.

The 56mm f1.2 and the 60mm f2.4 MACRO are two different lenses, regardless of focal length.

Zooms are zooms. Do you want the zooms to not touch 50mm ranges because there is a prime at that approx focal length? Do you want a 18-35 and a 100-200 because there is a 60mm prime?

If they released a 23mm, the 18mm and 18-55 would be "close" and you would complain about that. If they released a 100mm, you'd complain that the 55-200 covers that focal length, and that the 60mm might even be too close.

Fuji (not Zeiss, not Voigtlander (where did that come from?)) has a range of lenses by the end of the year that cover every focal length between 10mm and 200mm, what is your complaint?

I was only pondering my options re lenses currently available to the Fuji system and found there are IMO too many overlaps. I use the 60/2.4 as my portrait lens but might replace it with the 56/1.2. The emphasis is on replace! I won't use 2 lenses for portraits, one at 2.4 and the other one faster (possibly stopped down a bit anyway). For my personal purpose of using the lens as a portrait lens this is an overlap, nothing new whereas an 85/90 or even a 75mm fast lens would have given me a different angle rather than 56 vs 60 for portraits ...

This makes no sense to you, right?

Regarding me "complaining" that a 100mm fast lens would be within the same range as a 55-200 is not true as such because I consider a fast medium tele very, very usable versus a zoom regarding bokeh, subject separation, contrast etc. The same doesn't necessarily hold true for the wide end of the spectrum.

I mentioned Voigtländer because the 15mm lens in particular has frequently being mentioned here on the forum as an alternative to the 14mm lens. Availability for the Fuji system was my emphasis.

And: It was a question! I got quite a hiding here for even thinking that Fuji didn't get it right, but maybe my example of application (portrait) and the overlap of the 60 vs 56 has clarified where I as a user am coming from?

Possibly still makes no sense, but then, somebody might ask in a year's time: who has kept the 60/2.4 after the 56 came out??

And get a hiding!

Appreciate the time you put into answering my question!


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