Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Uh, what?

David McGaughey wrote:

You have this unusual idea that Zeiss should be trying to "fill holes" in Fuji's lineup. Zeiss obviously doesn't give a crap about what Fuji/Sony is doing - otherwise they would not be releasing a 32mm prime that kind of overlaps Fuji/Sony. Rather Zeiss is releasing whatever they feel is appropriate for their new mirrorless lineup. Look at their Canon/Nikon lenses - same thing. Most of their lenses are "in addition" to what Canon/Nikon already have.

As for Fuji's lenses, they have 21/28/50/90(macro) as well at 28-85 and 85-300. A fast 35, fast 85, compact 40, and a 15-35 is coming in the near(ish) future. What is your problem with this lineup? They only things I see missing are super-fast zooms (not likely - mine as well use a DSLR), a super telephoto zoom (also not likely - use a DSLR or a m43 system), and some longer primes.

I have absolutely no affiliation to Zeiss or any other company. I was merely pondering what is available. When I heard that Zeiss would be making Fuji lenses I thought there would be a tad more variety.

That's all.

I got quite a hiding here for expressing a thought, coming from the angle of what is available. I never said that lens manufacturers should work together in harmony to fill gaps, I was only looking at what is available. I found there were no real compelling reasons for getting any of the extra lenses and was a bit disappointed, that's all.

It seems that this disappointment re 32/34mm or 50/60mm zoom or various overlaps re 18-55 vs 18/2.0 and 23/2.0 (just guessing, it is meant to be faster than that??) is not shared by anybody, astounding that everybody here seems to think that it's all just fabulous.

Of course you have a point regarding the current lineup if you look at Fuji only, but I was thinking of lenses available as a whole.


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