Have you ever used Focus Stacking?

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Re: Have you ever used Focus Stacking?

Gpruitt54 wrote:

DavePlugh wrote:

I've tried Photoshop's (CS5) and don't like it at all. Haven't tried Zerene or Helicon Focus so can't comment. I use CombineZP. Its free but it takes a bit of practice until you figure out how to use it. Photos on Flickr that are tagged with 'combinezp' can be found here...



I've been trying to image stack with Photoshop CS3.  All the menu items are there, but no stacking happens, at all!

I went from CS2 to CS5 and then CS6 so I don't have experience with CS3. However, stacking did improve between CS2 and 6. Even so, I find Zerene Stacker and Helicon Focus do a better job than CS6 in most cases.

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