Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

My black R3 is no longer working. Some of the last pictures with it.

The good thing is that if these old Caplios break, they are usually not expensive to replace with another one if I would like to do so.

Actually my black R3 which had good copy of that zoom and the odd never released firmware 1.30 died today during a small mishap. More about that firmware in an other thread. Though it seems to be unknown what has been improved compared to the previous version 1.29 which officially is the last firmware.

Had had a long walk taking a bunch of pictures and been around in stores when I would try trousers in a store. Had the R3 in the small Caplio leather-case on my belt as usually when I've it with me. The Camera never never left the case but slided off from my belt and down on to the floor. Not a very hard impact but later when I would take a picture of a bird the R3 zoomed all the way to 200mm at once, made a weird sound and power down. Could carefully get the zoom back in manually again and it started up as before, at 200mm.

I still have my other R3 which is in silver and not quite as good copy of that zoom if if my memory serves me correct. I'll see what I'll do now. Have for a long time been curious about to test the infamous R5 but I might go with the CX4 as well. These two plus the R3, R4 and the CX3 uses very little NR as default setting even though the R5 occasionally could look smeared.

Anyway, that black R3 was rather scuffed already when I bought it as used anyway. One of the lock latches was damaged so that the battery-door sometimes could slip out and open up by just touching it very little. Used to put a small bit of tape and it stayed closed. The shutter-release button showed sign of being used a lot with the colour had partly gone off. It could occasionally  zoom forth and back before it settled at 28mm when powered on.

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