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Re: Sensor technology

That primer article is way out of date, and also contains many errors.

Example: "Charge-Coupled Devices (CCD) - Currently the most commonly used image sensor..."

Someone ought to check the numbers.  These days I think CMOS outsells CCDs in volume by about 10:1 or more.

CCDs and CMOS use the same CFA technology...usually from the same source vendor.

Both absorb light in silicon.  Trying to to make any generalized statements about which give better color response is just wrong.  Of course different sensors will give different results.  As far as noise goes, hard to beat CMOS these days.  Didn't used to be true but quite true now.

Bottom line, go with the camera SYSTEM that appeals to you most.  Judging just by the sensor is not a good discriminator.  On the other hand, for P&S, hard to beat the Sony BSI CMOS sensors of the past couple of years.  Still, the overall SYSTEM performance is what counts.

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