Is FF really better than m43? and why?

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Re: YES! However, not today...

The Photo Ninja wrote:

I haven't seen the pics yet, but they will not be nearly as good as a well done shot composed with a 5D III which has more field of view and better optics.

I would have to dispute that I'm afraid, it is simply untrue.

I can shoot at the same locations using the Mkiii and the OMD, under the same conditions, and I can compare the images. Surprisingly, it's not unusual for me to prefer the photographs taken with the OMD ( using some of the excellent Micro 4/3 lenses). I find the white balance more pleasing and more consistent on the Olympus, and the Oly images have a wonderful level of detail. The only advantage one might see with the Mkiii are the occasions where you might need the extra bit of resolution (rarely necessary) or if you have to shoot in very low light. But all too often the so-called advantages are lost because on the MkIII in low light I'll be shooting at very wide apertures and suffering some issues associated with very shallow depth of field. Of course on the OMD that is far less of an issue and I can shoot wider than I would dare on the MkIII which somewhat obviates the ISO advantage (because I would need to stop down a little on the MkIII). Therefore, for me, the OMD is often proving to be the most versatile camera. I now use it for virtually all of my professional assignments. If you want to see both cameras shot together, at an animal sanctuary, then they are compared here in this post:

Note that I deliberately shot at similar apertures so that viewers could see the depth of field difference, but I could easily have matched the depth of field had I wished to. I recall having to do some white balance adjustments to the Canon images, and I almost never have to make such adjustments on the Oly.

The out of camera RAW files are compared at the bottom of the article.

For my portrait work I would normally be shooting the MkIII and L glass at around f5.6 (70-200 lens) since this gives shallow depth of field but the smaller margin should the subject moves slightly. On the OMD with the 35 to 100 I could shoot at f2.8 and gain the same subject isolation should I wish to.

EDIT: however ergonomics are important and very small cameras are not for everyone.

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