Is FF really better than m43? and why?

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Re: Is FF really better than m43? and why?

knickerhawk wrote:

Judging from his gallery, Pete is anything but "inexperienced".  He's actually an outstanding photographer and, based on the quality of his posted images compared to yours, one that you should listen to.

As a fellow OM-D user, I'm embarrassed by threads like this.   I shoot M43 because of its convenience, size and relative cost effectiveness, not because I'm deluded into believing it can equal the IQ of larger formats of the same sensor generation.

Thank you for that comment. True I have plenty of experience, but I would say far from outstanding compared to the many excellent photographers who post here!

It just seems a shame that this thread is trying to gloss over some of the weaknesses of M43 when compared to FF, when it actually should be trumpeting the strengths of M43 and mirrorless cameras:-

  • Size and weight of kit
  • Accuracy of on-sensor focus compared to reflex PDAF (which is annoyingly temperamental and dependent on mirror and AF module alignment and on software for lenses and camera).
  • Lack of mirror slap / vibration.
  • The ability of the electronic viewfinders to help composition in low light
  • The ability of the electronic viewfinders to overlay shooting information, enabling it to be viewed and changes to be made without removing your eye from the viewfinder
  • Increased depth of field at wide apertures
  • The benefits of increased depth of field for shooting scenarios such as macro photography.
  • The potential for greatly increased burst speeds (such as on the Nikon V2) due to the removal of reflex mirror blackout time.
  • Reduced sensitivity to damage and mechanical wear (the reflex  mirror systems of FF dSLRs are a manufacturing and maintenance burden)
  • Seamless integration of video shooting
  • Potential to use legacy lenses and lenses from different manufacturers with adapters.

Even a thread which discussed ways to help overcome the weaknesses of M43 would be more useful:-

  • Software techniques to help replicate shallow depth of field effects
  • Techniques for natural looking HDR or image stacking to increase dynamic range
  • Pre-focus techniques and camera focus settings to get the best results from focus tracking
  • Discussion of the best exposure and in-camera settings to minimise noise at High ISO and the best software to deal with it

No doubt I could find reference to all of the above somewhere in this forum from the large number of truly experienced and helpful posters, but you can never have too much of a good thing.

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