Is FF really better than m43? and why?

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FF cameras give you a wider envelope of shooting conditions - for example a wider choice of DOF (depending on the lens, of course) and lighting conditions under which you can get the same shot.

M43 cameras have a smaller shooting envelope.   If you can take an acceptable picture with an M43 camera, then of course an FF camera can also take a similar image.   So a comparison of acceptable pictures taken with M43 and FF is bound to show more similarities than differences.  It's when you get outside the range of what's possible with M43 where the differences show up.

You pay more for FF in terms of bulk and weight, and if you usually shoot pictures that fall within the capabilities of M43 then there's really no good reason to put up with that.   You can take terrific pictures within that M43 shooting envelope that are essentially just as good as if you had a FF camera.  But that doesn't mean that there isn't a place for FF cameras for the photographers who need their expanded capabilities.

No to all of the above, answer the question? dof blur is all acheivable now in post, the envelope you talk about is in your head.

To suggest that you just post process every file (where you want the dof effects given to you by a FF camera) is just time-consuming and silly. You use the correct tool for the job. A full frame portrait shooter is never going to painstakingly spend hours messing about trying to get every one of his/her shoots looking like they should. There are plenty of situations where post processing is tricky and time consuming. It's like having to defish a fisheye lens to give you an UWA view, it's a kludge. The easy and sensible solution is just to use the right tool for the job and save yourself time and hassle.

There is no "better" or "worse" format, or even a one size fits all. There is only what's best for the individual. I use both FF and m4/3's and in certain scenario's either will "beat" the other.
Just use what's best for you and don't try and tell others what they need, that's just a pointless exercise.

Here, here. You're preaching to the choir! +1 and like!

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