Is FF really better than m43? and why?

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Re: Is FF really better than m43? and why?

I shoot with a FF and a m4/3, FF is better, no question.  M4/3 is light and fun and can produce great results, and Panasonic has mopped the floors with anything else as far as video, but when its on the line, I want my FF. That doesn't mean that when I am in Disney World in a week I will have my 5D.

What I hate is the price of m4/3 lenses, we were promised that would be an advantage of the format when it was introduced and that is a joke.  Sure the lenses are top notch, but the sensors, at least so far, can't fully take advantage of it and may never.  They want their cake and eat it, too.  If it benefits them to charge for the equivalent focal length, they do.  If charging more for actual focal length increases the price, they do.  I came from medium format, those lenses cost more than 35mm, and 35mm were better as far as resolution per mm.  Don't even feed me the BS.

Keep this in mind, too.  I love Olympus, I started with Olympus in the early 80's with my grandfathers OM1 that I still have and is a prized position.  I have no emotional attachment to any of my Canon stuff, its just a sack of tools.

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