HP 1270 external DVD drive read/write formats?

Started Jun 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: HP 1270 external DVD drive read/write formats?

herebefore wrote:

SantaFeBill wrote:

Does anyone know if this drive can write to double-sided (dual-sided) DVDs?

The manual is too generic. It simply says to check the HP site for the answer to this question. And of course there's no longer anything about the 1270 on HP's site, except some messages in the forum that deal with another issue.

Thanks for any insight.

Did you mean Dual LAYER discs or double sided disks.  The two things are completely different.

I haven't seen any "double sided" DVDs or CDs (as blanks) for a long time.

Thanks. I of course meant dual layer. I was suffering from caffeine deprivation when I wrote my post ... .

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