Is FF really better than m43? and why?

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Re: Is FF really better than m43? and why?

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OK. I shoot mostly M43 and am very satisfied with it.

But this guy isn't running toward you on a football field. Or flying toward you at 30mph. Someday the tracking focus might be there (maybe soon) but it isn't there yet. My old Canon 6mp APS-C tracks better, and has slightly better dynamic range than my M43 12mp sensor (but not better than the 16mp sensors). Like I say I find my M43 is good enough..and it certainly is light enough (and I carry it with me way more than ever my old DSLR beast), and I can use more manual focus lenses on it...but there's a reason that FF cameras, even full frame mirrorless (Lieca etc.) exist, and cost more. There is no way in the world I can match the resolution in B&W of a Leica Monochrom for example or a big Nikon or Canon. Yes I can limit DOF with a fast lens, yes software can blur some backgrounds, but no M43 isn't as good at the very extremes of exposure, and yes it 'is' most often 'good enough'. And oftentimes it is just as good if we shoot within it's limits which are somewhat more confining.

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Do you use an OMD, its actually very fast.

No not yet the 16mp sensor cams, and I know they are fast, but they don't track as fast as big CanNikons, or most sports photogs and BIF photogs would be using them. Yes you can do BIF or sports...but not nearly as easily. Yes there are work arounds.

One workaround being to use the greater DOF to get around slow/poor focus on moving objects. I see a large number of "Look mFT can do sport/BIF/whatever" shots where the aperture is so small you could fit the whole of the solar system in the shot.

But yes, with skill and perseverence and anticipation of motion you can get decent sport shots or BIFs but why struggle when you could use something like a 7D (rough equivalent price of the OMD) which is much better suited to the task?

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